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‘Are you worried about me? But I’m fine’.

I might sit in a corner, but I’m fine.

Yesterday was my tomorrow, but is it today already?

I swore today not to be saddened, but I swear I didn’t see the sun rise!

Talk about being stuck in a dark room, on the sun’s surface!

I should have seen it, even when facing the corner!

Her majesty, beauty of a thousand white roses, the epic sun rise,

Who misses such? I wonder.

It’s not about the blaring heat of the sun; it’s the way it moves.

But scientists say otherwise.

Can’t wait turn my head to the window, focus on the streaming rays.

But I’m fine, just starring deep into the universe.

A universe merging two walls, geometric cracks blemish it.

Yet it’s aura of presences makes it a perfection, a corner of perfection.

Don’t worry about the darkness; it’s just a requisite of light.

Soon, before the Sun dawns, I’ll remember why am facing it,

Before i break my neck glaring through the window, into the sunburst,

But for now, let me sit, watching, and taking-in the breathe-taking scene.

Because deep down, I’m fine, as I crave for a slit in my skin,

Pain, makes everything fine…eventually.

That first ray hits the roughness of my skin, as I turn my head,

Ready to slit what is, before I remember what was,

It dawns on me, that baby I’m fine!

Without the consequential memoirs, without the past pain prejudice,

I’d rather perfection keep itself alive, breathing its seconds away,

As they wash away, with every tick, of every second hand,

Maybe two clocks fasten the time, imperialism of a world with so many times,

But one clock, a clock that starts when after being born!

Disappointment of figuring out the math, of falling in love with a Sunburst,

From a Star, millions of miles away,

But for now, men, just pause!


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