Charity Book Project: Eye Will Not Cry – Volume One

Dear Friends

It is with great pleasure, but a sense of trepidation that I am able to offer you some of my writings in book form!

This is the end of a very long road to get to this point, but the beginning a charity project that will benefit:


ALL profit from this or any other book I self publish will be donated at the end of each year to this cause.

You can read more about them here:  Doctors Without Borders


Eye Will Not Cry – Volume One is available from this link: BUY THE BOOK AND SUPPORT THE PROJECT HERE

You can also access the book from the icon in the sidebar and eventually it will be available from Amazon and other online retailers – however the maximum amount of profit / donation will come via the LULU.COM link. Due to printing costs, 5 GBP of each book sold will go direct to the charity.

The next 2 volumes of Eye Will Not Cry will be available soon and these will be followed by a volume dedicated to all the amazing Guest Poets that I have had – so if you have submitted to me over the last few years, a form will be with you shortly to seek permission and participation!

I really hope that you can support this project, but regardless if you can / can’t, I would like to take this  opportunity to thank you for reading and for your kind words of support over the years I have been part of the WordPress family!

If you can share this with your blog and on social media, that would be appreciated.


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