Guest Poet 5 – Baby, The Sky Is Roaring…

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Part 2

After a while,
The sky still hasn’t hurt me.
Though I’m lying in the cold
I feel less empty.
I’ve stopped waiting for you.
Stopped calling out your name.
Held onto Hope again
And faced the sky with shame.

Baby, the sky is crying.
Tears tapping my senses to wake.
Differentiating sensations of feelings
As oppose to the fake…
Ones I felt with you.
Warmth from your touch on those nights,
More scorching than comforting
That’s why they didn’t feel right.
Baby, the sky is crying.
Wrapping me up in feels.
Cleaning away all your infections from my wounds
to allow them to heal.
Baby, the sky is roaring.
Shaking the earth with its vibrations.
Cracking through my skull
And breaking away your words of affections,
Scaring my heart into beating again.
Pulsing with renewed fondness
Towards a world I left behind,
Sharper now without your nearness.
Baby, the sky is striking.
And in its brightness
Can I now see your horns
Behind your false kindness.
Baby, the sky is roaring.
And so am I.
Today was my redemption.
And I’m leaving you fatally, far behind.

Once the storm slows
And the sky begins to clear,
Though my eyes may be open
My spirit will no longer be here.

And, baby, you weren’t here
When I asked for a cure.
So I turned to the sky
To wash me pure.

Rule No.1 – We don’t talk about death here.
Rule No.2 – Only when the devil is here, Rule No.1 is a lie.
Rule No.2 – We talk about life here.

The Last Poem…

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The last poem I will write for you..! Probably!

Oh beautiful! You were the brightest star in
the dark sky called life,
Let me for once shed out the pain; fully
I had been a fool to believe that forever meant an eternity.
but same time I realized forever does exists but in pain.

Baby remember those escapades
those mini trips out of town
just to escape the eyes of society.
Oh baby those kisses those
promises, those mini date,
those days of struggle do you remember
for we had to hide for religion was the culprit

Baby do you remember those fights
where we fought like bunch of kids
yet made up after a while
Do you remember the tears we shed
when we were hurt by each other’s action.

Darling do you remember how we visited
temples, churches and prayed that
our parents agree for our wedding.
baby remember those days when we had no money
yet we lived like royals in each other’s company
remember those struggles.

Remember the times you stood by me
and said until death do us apart we shall
be together. remember the times we spent hours together
holding each other’s hand and getting lost
in our own world
talking gibberish letting imagination run wild.

Remember those funny days when we planned
who will be our daughters protector.
How shall I tell the things that I remember for
you have forgotten my existence.
How shall I express my sadness when words merely
touch the top layer of it all.

How shall I tell you that
every night is a battle of mind and heart.
How shall I tell you that I cannot be normal ever again.
How do I tell you I can never go back home
for your memories haunt me in those roads, those parks,
those hills those rivers. How shall I explain
you that I still haven’t moved on.

Munchkin how do I tell you,
how I miss you every day,
how shall I tell you that I forgive you,
How do I plead with you to come back.
How do I tell you my soul
is empty without you.

Darling how do I forget you when
everything I do reminds me of you.
When the river of alcohol also
does not help.
How do I tell you I miss you
how do I show you my life’s incompleteness
How do I tell you I am a changed person now.

How do I tell you that hope left me, how do I tell you
faith kicked me, how do I tell you
that memories is all that is with me
How do I tell that I no longer have the strength
to smile, how do I beg, how do I plead, how do I pray
for your return baby.

How do I tell myself that I need to forget you.
How, how baby how, When I still love you
How do I forget you when all I ever want is
to be with you.
How do I tell you that this is
the last poem I will write for you..!


“Little things I should have said and done”…

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Tomorrow I’ll Tell You I Love You.

Many years ago I loved a girl,
Who had laughing eyes and long blond curls.
Though she loved me too, she set me free,
Cause I never said please marry me.

Tomorrow I’ll tell you I love you,
I’ll tell you how much I care.
My hopes and my dreams are all of you.
The future is ours to share.

I promise I’ll love you forever,
And hold you so close to me.
I’ll kiss you at twilight and dawning too.
I promise just wait and see.

We’ll sail on the sunshine on summer days.
We’ll glide on the moonbeams so high.
Together, forever, just you and I,
We’ll live in a dream in the sky.

Tomorrow I’ll tell you I love you.
But you’ve left me all alone.
It was always tomorrow, I’ve waited too long.
I love you, but now you’re gone.




“It all ends up the same somehow”…

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Death is in every moment, and whoever in every moment dies,
he’s the prince the master, who in the sky flies.

Life is now and forever, and whoever lives in the now,
he’s the one who has discovered, Heaven’s know-how.

But whoever does not die and lives for the next moment,
he has dropped the holy milk and drinks from Hell’s torment.

So the choice is up to you. Do you want to realize?
Do you want to be an old fool, or one moment old and wise?

What means to live in the present but die in the now?
Means you have to kill everything for which you take a bow.

And then and only then you will be standing straight,
you will be filled with pure love not one drop of hate.

You will live for ever, and ever, in an eternal bliss,
you will have denied Death’s sweetest carnal kiss.

“I’ve got drama, can’t be stolen”…

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As the sad news of David Bowie’s passing sinks in, Em has written her own personal tribute.

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Mr Jones

Take in new meaning
Take in the dust from everyone
Part of all of us
The start of all of us
Shining brighter now
A million particles lighter now
A Blackstar is among them high
A Lazarus who knew
Who went up to the sky
Who has his own view
Lucky are we
Lucky is he
Sharing genius
In his own way
Leaving his way
These are the days of our lives
He lived and he loved the stars
Stardust you are
Forever now

“Sweet dreams till sunbeams find you”…

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Night Terrors

I awoke, late one night
to my mother’s screaming
I’ve always resented
my interrupted dreaming
I took off my covers
and stepped out of bed
I opened my door
the hallway – splattered red

I raced to my parents’ room
echoed, did her cries
I opened their door,
which I’d not advise

My father: flayed – displayed,
nailed up to the ceiling
a dripping demon smiled
off mother’s skin, it’s peeling
I slammed the door and ran
right back to my room
forgot to lock my door,
please don’t be my doom

I gripped my bear, tight
protects me all the time
hiding under covers
as into bed, I climb

My door creaked open, slowly
as footsteps taunt and thud
that damned dripping, but of him
or of my parents’ blood?
it crawled beneath my bed
I’m frozen, and afraid
until the morning sun,
under my bed, it stayed

When I’m graced with light,
a sentence on the wall
it was penned in blood
that demon starts to crawl
the blood had run, but dried:

“Oh, naïve Jake,
It’s alright, cheer on up!
I know that you’re awake”

Night Terrors art by Sally-Jackson

“The light that falls through the cracks”…

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Butterfly in shimmering light,

Garden blooming in new season.

Kookaburra, sitting, soulful –

Poignant is the far horizon.

Orchid flowers, life awakens,

The day grows ever longer.

Shadows present,

Sunshine alightens,

Prodigious is her effort, action.

Human in kind,

Love we find

In simple, pleasant things.

Far horizon, ever closer,

Droplets they descend.

Life, we wish to never end,

The day draws near,

We transcend.

“As he faced the sun he cast no shadow”…

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Old men dream dreams
With eyes awake
And open eyed
accept their age.
With cold precision
they see the days
stretched out before
like lines upon a page.

And boys dream dreams
with eyes half shut
with gallant sword
held out once more.
They see their self as heroes come
With much acclaim
And at their side
the beauty
that they dreamed before.

These beauties did not dream of them
They did not dream
of conquering men
No if they dreamed
They dreamed at night
Of saving whales
And speaking right
And pleading for imprisoned men
Or tilting at imagines mills.

Old women dreamed when no one knew
Of being young
And loving men
Who also dreamed of loving them.

But sometimes women old and young
And men who sit in blazing sun
Awake and find their dreams are naught
And stones are hard on bended knees
The sun, at day, burns on a back
That bows,
accepting wrongful kings
or break from thrown stones.

And sometimes some women
young or old
See through the pain that others wrought
See through the folly others sought
And see that dreams
were last night dream’t……
……..And waking clearly know

That all todays must start again.



“Love is so confusing, there’s no peace of mind”…

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This time…

Trusting in another
An only one and no further

Opening my soul
Allowing the soothing to take hold

Exposing the heart
A sacred place where hope starts

Revealing inner thoughts
Held tight as endless knots

Releasing the loneliness
Relishing chance to lose emptiness

Voicing fears and desires
Knowing possibility of burning fires

Expressing surety needs
Hoping for an embrace that agrees

Accepting a caress
Feeling touches that enable access

Laying myself bare
Placing all insecurities out there

Confessing to sin
Darker side of the person within

Telling of innocence
The complexity of human existence

Wanting true happiness
Relying on mirroring of eternal madness

Betraying sacred trust
Destroying the fuelled flames of lust

Expecting ‘the one’
Confidence in a partnership gone

Freeing feelings lost
Freedom within sight is at a cost

Entrusting whole virtue
Waiting for perfection is now skewed

Decomposing fledgling love
Disintegrating because of all of the above

Closing down core
Hibernating mind, body and soul once more

Until next time…




“Don’t feed it, it will come back”…

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It entered the world innocent, weak, and starkly white,
With not the slightest intention of becoming a blight:
It nursed, and It cried; crawled, walked, got on skis,
The pale monster which would one day bring me to my knees.
Much, much later on, I made an awful mistake,
One little trip, on a whim, I decided to take,
Placed me within reach of this wretched manifestation,
Of my heart’s desire and my soul’s fascination –
The timing was tempting for this trick of Love’s magic,
Heedless of the warning signs, defying the tragic,
I allowed It to conquer, to swallow me whole,
My entrails,, every cell was devoured by the troll.
Something new and exciting It had not encountered before,
Another life experience to add to Its store,
It feasted, It gorged, It came back for more,
It threw me the keys and unlocked the door.
It piled on promises, It held out till the end,
It plied me with hope and the words of a friend,
Made me drunk on Its voice, Its body and mind,
So tightly coiled, but It helped me unwind:
It kissed me deeply; It held me tightly;
It unclogged my fears and hope sparkled brightly;
The miseries of distance, love’s deepest conviction,
The story felt true, but the cover said “Fiction,”
An opaque wrap artfully hid it from view,
Till the very last It declared the story was true,
And then turned a page I did not know existed,
At the bottom two words mercilessly listed,
My soul they did puncture, my heart they did rend:
Its guiltless, cruel fingers had scrawled in: “THE END.”